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First 5 Lex

First 5 Lex - Read, Talk and Play from Cradle to Kindergarten, was developed by Fayette County Public Schools in partnership with early childhood professionals from across our community, in response to concerns about school readiness.


First 5 Lex is designed to give families and caregivers access to information about early learning and connect them to fun, stimulating, age-appropriate activities and experiences that will support their young child’s development and learning. Parent/Caregiver interactions with their child from birth to 5 are the key - what we need to do to prepare our children for school is actually simple and fun – Read Talk and Play from Cradle to Kindergarten!

Looking for ways to Read, Talk and Play with little ones in your life? Connect with First 5 Lex!

  • Download the First 5 Lex app, available for both iPhone and Android use!

  • Engage with us at Lexington Kroger locations by finding First 5 Lex activity sheets at the front of the store. You can currently find activity cards in the following stores: Richmond Road, Bryan Station Road, Leestown Road, Alexandria Drive, Tates Creek Road.

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